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It's official: the American transfer market is open

09.07.2021 21:28


 Alessio Sundas ready to invade the transfer market with all the players and coaches

The transfer market has finally begun in America. The starting date is July 7, while the deadline for negotiations is August 5. Numerous transactions have taken place, including those of the Italian players' agent, Alessio Sundas, who is practically ready to invade the transfer market with all the valued players from Miami Magic FC. The Italian prosecutor speaks of star sportsmen, as his negotiations will not only concern those relating to the players, but also with the coaches, indeed among the many important names there is that of Francesco Moriero, well-known (former) footballer (midfielder) and coach. Furthermore, important news arrives from the Italian manager that highlight fundamental arrivals in MLS coming from Italian football, everything will be made official within a few hours.

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