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Great shot in MLS, Italian football star flies to America

09.07.2021 21:31


 The enhancement of the players' agent Alessio Sundas scores again and brings a great (former) Italian footballer and coach to the USA

To better understand the concept of enhancement conceived by the sports agent Alessio Sundas, the first in the world who was able to promote some young American players (the most deserving) to important European clubs, it would be necessary to deepen and spread the importance of this project. able to guarantee a radical change for every talented sportsman. Similarly, the players' agent Sundas has decided not to focus only on this praiseworthy initiative, but one of his goals is also to bring some Italian champions to America. Indeed, the sports manager believes that the Italians are the number 1 to teach great football, as they have that little bit more that would help to guarantee that significant leap in quality. Alessio Sundas is firmly decided, he only wants to enhance those who want to cultivate their passion and their dream in order to make them become a real profession, also profitable but, above all, effective both from a technical and physical point of view through the '' use of sophisticated equipment and, at the same time, making use of a series of professionals who contribute to improving the performance of the sportsman, also working on their weak points. As we said, Sundas was also decisive in the last negotiation that allowed an important (former) Italian footballer and coach to be brought to the MLS. We’re talking about Luigi Garzya who played in various Italian clubs, then played in the Under 20 and 21 National Team and, finally, became a coach. Another shot scored by Alessio Sundas who, together with Francesco Moriero, brings the number of coaches flying to the USA to two in a short time. Another star of Italian football ready to join the MLS thanks to the work of the players' agent.

Eleonora Boccuni


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